Amoy by Tenelle Veira

13 Piece Magnetic Brush Set

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Amoy by Tenelle Veira’s magnetic brush set is a full 13 piece brush collection that includes 7 face and 6 eye brushes. These brushes were designed with vegan, durable, and easy to clean bristles. The case is incredibly easy to clean because it's made from nonporous polypropylene plastic, which does not retain bacteria.


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  1. Flat Foundation Brush
  2. Fluffy Powder Brush
  3. Round Contour Brush
  4. Large Fluffy Blending Brush
  5. Eye shadow brush for the lids
  6. Eye contouring brush
  7. Eye blending brush 
  8. Brow/Angle  brush 
  9. Eye detailing brush
  10. Small eye contouring brush 
  11. Lower lash line brush
  12. Eye Smudger Brush
  13. Lip brush