About Us

Tenelle V

Tenelle Veira is a NYC native who grew up “interfering” with her mothers makeup as her Trinidadian family would say. 

Growing up around makeup her entire life, Tenelle has seen the evolution of the cosmetic industry and after becoming a professional makeup artist in her early 20’s she has paid close attention to the needs and wants of her fellow artists, clients, family and friends.  

As an Emmy Nominated makeup artist with over 10 years of experience working on set in the entertainment industry, Tenelle Veira has always looked for easier, effective and exciting ways to apply makeup on her clients. And as a traveling artist, Tenelle was constantly looking for ways to downsize her makeup kit by using brushes and tools that get the job done no matter what. Whether she is doing minimal grooming for men or full red carpet glam on a female artist, Veira found ways to keep her setup simple. 

Tenelle’s love for her craft keeps her innovating new styles and ideas. Not allowing any one client to look like the next. That same innovation opened her eyes to see what was missing in the makeup industry. She didn’t just want her brushes to look good, she wanted them to enhance performance. Which led her to the birth of “Amoy” by Tenelle Veira

“I was tired of looking for my makeup brushes after resting them down or being scared of a brush falling on the ground while working on a client. It’s a major issue when you need to work fast and still be efficient. That’s what made me focus on a way to keep my brushes together while being elevated. I want to see them when I need them and I want my workstation to be neat. And that’s what I created.

This product will not only help makeup artists but it’s also for the queen at home doing her own face or the little girl who was like me playing in mom's makeup.” 

- Tenelle Veira